Kara Health Acquires Orange County Hospice Services Inc.


Kara Health, a leader in tech-enabled palliative care services, recently acquired Orange County Hospice Services Inc. The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, is expected to improve the experience of palliative care patients while expanding Kara Health’s reach in the Southern California Market.

In a move that differentiates it from other hospice care providers, Kara Health is focused on building a continuum of care versus offering stand-alone hospice services. Merging hospice care with the clinical services and technology developed within Kara Health’s palliative care program makes care more cost-effective and improves outcomes for patients and their families.

The acquisition of Orange County Hospice Services Inc rounds out Kara Health’s unique, comprehensive services which partner clinical teams and providers with technology.

  • Palliative Clinical Team: Kara Health clinicians support patient and family goals with specialized plans of care, using treatments and medication to manage and alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Kara Pathways: Kara Pathways™ technology allows for effective patient management according to illness type, improving quality of care.
  • Kara PE: Kara PE™ is an omni-channel patient engagement tool which allows for effective management, tracking, and reporting on all activity across the entire patient journey.
  • Kara Concierge: A dedicated patient concierge team plays an important role in aiding communication between the patient, family members, and the clinical care team.
  • Kara F&DTM: Frequency & Duration automation reduces human error when managing a large population of patients.

Technology and automation need not conflict with compassionate end-of-life care. Kara Health remains focused on maintaining the highest clinical standards to better serve new and existing communities. By embracing innovation, Kara Health improves patient satisfaction, and achieves market-leading results for patients, payers, and providers.

The addition of Orange County Hospice Services Inc to their current assets means Kara Health reaches more patients in more places. In combination with existing health plan and hospital partnerships, Kara Health now serves a growing palliative patient population, positioning them well within the competitive market.  

Kara Health is a Los Angeles-based tech-enabled healthcare services provider that specializes in population health management via asset-lite services like homecare, telehealth, remote monitoring, and other technology. For more information, visit kara.health