Hospice Care Team

case manager

Hospice Medical Director

The hospice Medical Director provides oversight of all patient care and directs the hospice team in establishing a plan of care focused on reducing pain and maximizing the comfort of every patient.

Ambulatory Care Nurse

Registered Nurse Case Manager

Under the direction of the hospice Medical Director, the registered nurse (RN) case manager makes home visits to ensure all pain and symptoms are effectively managed and that patient and family needs are being met.

goals of care

Social Worker

The social worker provides initial and ongoing psychosocial assessments (mental, emotional, and social dimensions of the patient). Will also assist with finding community resources, skilled nursing placement and respite care.

in home

Home Health Aide

The home health aide assists the patient and family with personal care needs and light housekeeping. They also teach the family members safe methods for providing personal care to the patient.

Spiritual Guides/Chaplains

Spiritual Counselors

Spiritual Counselors help the patient and their family through each stage of grief, before, during and after death. This is non-denominational and optional and can be started or stopped anytime.


Bereavement Counselor

The bereavement counselor can help the patient deal with grief associated with declining health and guide family through bereavement before and after he loss of a loved one for up to 13 months.

patient concierge

Hospice Volunteer

The hospice volunteer provides companionship and support to the patient and family. All Hospice Volunteers are required to attend volunteer training prior to seeing our patient.