Spiritual Services

Kara Health is not a religious organization, but the nature of hospice care encompasses spiritual issues. At Kara, all aspects of peoples’ lives are significant and warrant attention. Medical needs matter, but just as important are psychosocial and spiritual needs.

The issue of addressing spirituality is a personal decision, reached by patients and/or families. Kara respects the spiritual and cultural traditions of the diverse population and patients it serves, along with their rights on this and all other issues. Kara’s Spiritual Services are available to patients in whatever capacity the patient and family choose.

Spiritual Services chaplains are an integral part of the interdisciplinary teams that care for our patients and their loved ones. They are specially trained in understanding issues of mortality and support patients and their families with the emotional and spiritual needs of people at the end of life. Chaplains help patients and families process beliefs, values and life meaning. They assist with logistics for patient rites and rituals and help plan funerals. They can interrelate with pastors, priests or rabbis, or help connect people with a spiritual leader of their choosing. Kara chaplains are here to walk with patients and families during the most challenging of times.